Welcome to WALGA’s new Planning Improvement Program Portal (PIP Portal), and thank you for joining us!

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The LG PIP Portal has been produced for Local Government Planners. It is not accessible to the general public. In line with our members' wishes, those in the wider planning community and related sector able to support the PIP Portal are also encouraged, but the PIP Forum is solely available to local government.

WALGA's aspirations for the PIP Portal are:

  • to keep content clear, concise and helpful - we know this is a particularly demanding time for both you and your local government
  • to provide you with an engaging online resource where you can interact with fellow local government planners - sharing experiences on your improvement measures presents opportunities for resource savings and change readiness
  • that it best reflects the Local Government Planning sector's most pressing priorities - we value your feedback on how we can improve the PIP Portal and keep it relevant to your changing needs
  • through this, to support local government in ensuring better outcomes through consistency and efficiency

Developed from member feedback

In 2012/13, we held workshops with our Local Government Planning members to capture your aspirations to support the sector in improving delivery of planning functions and services.  We heard you wanted an online resource with two functions:

  1. a central store of WALGA's current planning related materials, both resources for your use, and our advocacy submissions on your behalf; and
  2. a forum where local government planners can share ideas and experiences and seek input from other local government planners on improvements to the planning framework

The PIP Portal will be a live and evolving tool over time, just as your requirements for improvement will evolve with changes to the planning system, and changes to our communities.  The more interest and input the PIP Portal receives from you, the more relevant we can make content for your needs and expectations, so we look forward to your contributions and feedback.

Discussion Paper – Third Party Appeal Rights in Planning

Seeking Comment

  • At the request of members and to assist the Association's advocacy, the Association has prepared a discussion paper examining Short-Term Rental Accommodation and the Sharing Economy.

    The Association kindly requests that members provide feedback by 31 July 2017 in order to develop a draft recommendation for State Council to consider at its September meeting.

     Feedback can be provided either via this portal or to …

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Recent Submissions

  • The Seniors Housing Strategy (the Strategy) is being developed as a companion piece to the State Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy 2010-2020 and the Aiming Higher 2015-2020 Action Plan, which aim to deliver at least 30,000 housing options by 2020.

    The main focus of the Strategy will be on improving access to affordable and appropriate housing for current seniors who are on low to moderate incomes and have limited access to assets. This includes people who have already retired and people aged 55 years and over who are approaching retirement.

    The Housing Authority has released a Discussion Paper for input from state and local government agencies, not-for-profit organisations and private sector companies that have an interest in the housing needs of older Western Australians.

    More information on the strategy can be found here.

    WALGA has prepared an interim submission which is available for members here.

    This submission was endorsed by WALGA’s State Council at its meeting in March 2017.

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